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Balur Estate was covered in the March'11 issue of the Outlook Traveller

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Linger has a few comfortable options to stay at. Though personally, we find it tough to get up from the chairs in the verandah. You have 5 spacious rooms to pick from (each of which can sleep 4):

  1. Main House : A large  room with a comfy bed, and futon-cum-bed for flexibility.
  2. Main House : The attic-room, and living room below. There’s actually a ladder to get up to the bedroom upstairs! (We’ll let you in on a secret – we prefer this room because of that pretty little attic-bed!) Another bed down below.
  3. The Mud Cottage : 500sqft plus. Hand-made. Its own private space, bonfire, hammocks and all of that. Overlooks the paddy fields and the hills beyond. Sleeps 4 very comfortably.
  4. The Upper Cottage. 500sqft plus. Laterite and huge woindows. Its own private space, bonfire, hammocks and all of that. Up in the estate and overlooks the entire property, the fields and the hills in the distance. Sleeps 4 very comfortably.
  5. The Coffee Canopy (Tented) Cottage on a Platform : With the best views in the property – on a wooden log platform above the coffee on the slopes around – this is a must try for those with an adventurous bent of mind.

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Linger-ing comes with everything you need to do just nothing:
  • Food, all day! Bed Tea/Coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and howmuchever coffee or chai that you want.
  • Lots of space, seating, portals to the skies, chirpy crickets on the outside, and a huge verandah outside to linger over coffee, or thoughts, or conversation, or a game of scrabble/chess/Life.
  • Books! We have a nice collection of books you can pick and grab that hammock.
  • There’s a wide variety of board games to enjoy the passing of time along with bhajjis and chai. Ludo, scrabble, cards, carroms.
  • Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks.
  • You can also ask our trekking guide to take your for a trek to the surrounding hills, or a walk and dip in the Cauvery.
  • If the weather’s appropriate, Harish will glad to set up a bonfire for you too! (In the sitout too, if its raining!)